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Engineered Precision. Designed Efficiency.  

Commercial Truck Alignment System

All Axis4000 Alignment System measurements reference the center line of the frame to match the required standards set by OEMs. Measurements are quickly taken using dual image camera technology coupled with magnetic, pre-calibrated clamps and easily navigated software to produce pinpoint accurate and repeatable results. Precision engineering, efficiency and ease of use make Axis4000 the professional’s choice for alignment shops. 

System Features

  • Center Line of Frame Reference Point 
  • Dual Image Camera Technology
  • Magnetic, Pre-calibrated Clamps
  • Drive on, Drive off Turnplates
  • Quick and Easy Component Set Up 
  • Easily Navigated Software with Built In Instructions
  • Military Grade Radio Channel Communication
  • Live Readings for Adjustments
  • Extremely User Friendly
  • Full Color, Printed Reports with Before and After Results

MSA Tested, Passed and Approved

Axis4000 has passed and been approved by Daimler Truck North America and is certified in the Mercedes Benz global homologation program. The system excels as a high quality, repeatable, reliable, results driven system. 

Engineered for Master Technicians. Designed for Any Tech. 

The days of one alignment specialist in the shop are over. Axis4000 is a highly engineered, sophisticated system that appeals to master technicians but is also extremely user friendly. New and entry level techs pick it up just as quickly and easily as seasoned shop veterans.   

Anywhere, Anytime Alignments 

Whether it is being used in a single bay, bay to bay, over a pit, on a rack or strictly as a mobile system, Axis4000 offers invaluable flexibility for an alignment system. The system does not require a lot of shop space, a rack, pit or level floors and can be used effectively in any environment or weather conditions: inside/outside the shop or onsite at customer/fleet locations.  

More Than a Vendor

Because Axis4000 is relatively new on the scene, Allpart wants to be more than a vendor to our customers…we want to be a true partner providing world class, cradle to grave, service and support. From training to ongoing system education to (virtual) around the clock availability, we make every effort to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure your experience with the system is exceptional.

Service and Support:

  • Full Day Onsite Training with Each System
  • Step by Step Training Videos
  • Tech Line Answered Virtually All Hours
  • Facetime Support Available 
  • Loaner Program to Prevent Downtime
  • No Service Fees
  • No Long Waits for Service
  • Majority of Issues Resolved Over the Phone
  • Full Inventory of Replacement Parts On Hand

Selling the Job

Shops offering quality alignment services ensure their customers drive straight and safely down the road while reducing their fuel consumption, tire wear and suspension parts wear. It’s an invaluable service that’s a money maker for shops and a money saver for fleets and independents. Not only does Allpart offer extensive training and support with each Axis4000 system, we also walk through the selling process with techs, TSAs and management to make sure shops are maximizing their return on investment. 

Return On Investment

The table below is based on industry averages and feedback from our customers. Based on this information, Axis4000 pays for itself in less than six months for any shop averaging two standard three alignments with toe and out of square adjustments per day:

  • 5 day work week, 2 alignments per day:  10 alignments per week
  • Flat rate $250 – 3 axle alignment
  • 30% cost to shop – commissions, labor, tools, materials etc.
  • $175 net per alignment
  • $7000 net revenue created monthly averaging 40 Alignments per month
  • Recommended Annual Clamp and Calibration – $500
  • Revenue does not include labor, replacement parts, tire sales or additional services

Axis4000 requires no additional shop investment or updates to be shop ready for the system. Once trained, shops are in the alignment business. 

Important ROI detail…there are no service, subscription or additional fees with Axis4000.

5-Day Work Week
2 Alignments/Week
Alignment Cost$500$10000$120000
Cost to Ship
(Commission, Labor, Parts)
Annual Clamp and Camera
Net Per 2 Alignments$350$7000$83500

Frame Measurement System

The System

CMC4000 is a PC based, camera radio frame measurement system used to identify commercial truck frame damage and deformation.  With full color, 2D and 3D graphic representation showing horizontal deviation, vertical deviation and frame twist/torsion, CMC produces highly accurate diagnostics for frame correction. 

System Features

  • Adjustable, Self Centering Frame Scale
  • Dual Image Camera Technology
  • Disassembly of Frame Components Not Required 
  • Quick and Easy Component Set Up 
  • Easily Navigated Software with Built In Instructions
  • Military Grade Radio Channel Communication
  • Live Readings for Adjustments
  • Extremely User Friendly
  • 2D and 3D Graphic Representation
  • Full Color, Printed Reports 

Coming Soon

Tread Depth and Tread Wear Measurement Tool

GripView is a mobile tire tread depth measuring device optimal for fleet management, tire shops and service shops.


The Sensor Adjustment Device, or SAD500, is a mobile radar and calibration system for commercial truck ADAS systems. The system is certified  globally by Mercedes Benz and Daimler.  

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